Solution concepts to protect your critical systems and sensitive information

notPwnd! through cyber resilience


Secure Coding, Security Codereviews and Secure Deployment for your agile teams

Software bring-to-secure


Pragmatic, value-adding implementation of NIS2, BAIT, VAIT, DORA and data protection

ISMS, DSMS value-adding


secAdair [sekadeər]:

Our company name is inspired by Paul Neal Adair, known as Red Adair, a firefighter who was extremely successful in fighting major fires. He extinguished oil wells, oil rigs and gas storage facilities, among other things, and made history with his creative methods.

secAdair is derived from the analogy between fire protection and firefighting: Prevention and avoidance of cyberattacks through pragmatic information security management (ISMS & DSMS), creative and unconditional support in the event of a cyberattack by absolute cyber specialists.

This is secAdair, your IT security service provider with a focus on your requirements, performance and needs!